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2011-04-11 23:29:01 by MissDante


After years of just using this account to fave, and since Newgrounds has much better comments for art and such, I have decided to use this to post up my work.

As I said on my first submission, I love Deviant Art, yes I can hear the groans of hundreds of people who dislike the DA. it has been watered down. which is why I thought I should start posting here. I can get much better comments from the trollers here then the normal comments on Deviant, if nothing else because of the whole "OMG Deviant has kids, lets not be ruuuude"

I don't mind being rude about something I don't like, but if you have seen me Comment I always give a reason, and that is all that is how people grow. You don't grow up to be an adult by being coddled you become an adult when you fuck up, and pick yourself up and move along.

Same with my art, Being coddled on the DA won't help, if I wanna be great I have to get people to tell me they don't like something so I can improve.

Anyways, I won't be doing the news updates very much, but if I do have anything to say check it out. Unless your reading this, then it's the only post I have.

My new picture I just posted was inspired by my Gaia Avatar, and a character I've been working on since I was like 17. She's related to another character of mine. Still don't have a name for her. Well he relatives name is Rin, I know that much xD

Anyways happy Easter/passover and all the other holidays that will pass in front of this journal. Please remeber to tell me what you don't like if you don't like it.


LOL I was going to say don't hate it because it's anime, but it's like someone telling me to listen to a song and not hate it because it's Beiber or Hanna Montana. My thoughts can be a big bowl of hypocrite sometimes. Anyways I am gone this time I swear!